South Dakota Urban Indian Health

Diabetes Education

South Dakota Urban Indian Health (SDUIH) diabetes education program has an integrated diabetes education team who collaborate to provide culturally-sensitive and quality diabetes information to our patients.  Our goal is to maintain health and prevent/delay complications through needs assessment, education intervention, and education intervention and education follow-up.  Primary prevention strategies are utilized to promote wellness to individuals and the community.

Patients are educated on diabetes topics based on needs assessment and diabetes knowledge surveys.  Diabetes education is then provided to clients in an individual and/or group setting per the patient's choice.

Education curriculums include:

  • Balancing Your Life with Diabetes: Curriculum includes topics such as nutrition, home glucose monitoring, medications, exercise and What is Diabetes.
  • Honoring the Gift of Heart Health: Curriculum developed to educate patients on the risks of heart disease and how to decrease risk factors.
  • Individualized/Customized Curriculum

Education is provided to patients with an approved written referral from a medical provider or by patient self-referral, referral from health staff, health program or family member requesting a referral from a medical provider.

SDUIHs Dietitian is a Certified Diabetes Educator.  The program has also achieved AADE (American Association of Diabetes Education) certification and follow strict guidelines to retain this accreditation.