South Dakota Urban Indian Health

Healthy Heart Program

This program focuses on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction with an aggressive care management approach in those whom have diabetes.  This free program provides Native American patients with tools needed to reach diabetes management goals.  Each clinic has a designated Diabetes Care Manager who is responsible for Healthy Heart participants, and putting on fun, creative activities for the participants and their familes.

Who is elgible to participate in the Healthy Heart Program?

  • Native Americans
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Patients with a current diagnosis of diabetes

What is included in the Healthy Heart Program?

  • Initial and yearly physical exams
  • Electrocardiogram/ECG yearly (heart tracing)
  • Weight, height, waist circumference, blood pressure and pulse
  • Laboratory measures: Blood sugars and A1C, kidney function tests, cholesterol levels, liver enzymes, and Hemoglobin testing.
  • Assessment of prescribed medications
  • Screenings: Depression and Tobacco
  • Referrals for diabetic eye and dental exams (cost of exams are not covered under the program)
  • Medical nutrition therapy with registered dietician.
  • Individualized education with a nurse
  • Group diabetes and heart disease education.
  • Smoking cessation services.
  • Initial baseline physical activity assessment and plan
  • Access to fitness center with extended hours and childcare available.
  • Incentives for participating and reaching goals
  • Provides personal tracking tools

Who cannot participate in the Healthy Heart Program?

  • Those who are currently pregnant
  • Those on dialysis for end state Renal Disease
  • Those with a Cancer diagnosis undergoing treatment