South Dakota Urban Indian Health

Women's Health

South Dakota Urban Indian Health (SDUIH) provides personalized women's health care for females of all ages.  Our providers offer a warm and caring environment to meet women's health needs.  Our providers also have a close relationship with high risk specialists in our communities for referrals.  Services provided include but are not limited to the following:

  • Family Planning/Contraception: Medications, Counseling, and referrals (if required)
  • Menopause: Medications, Counseling, Laboratory Testing, and referrals (if required)
  • Annual Well Women/Pap Exams: Pap Smears, Breat Exams, Physicals, Laboratory, Counseling and Education
  • Pregnancy Testing :  Lab tests are taken and results are given immediately.  If patient is pregnant the medical staff will make a referral for pre-natal care (SDUIH does NOT pay for pre-natal and/or delivery services).
  • Prenatal: In-office stethoscope ultrasound for fetal heart tone measurement, Fundal Height measurements, Counseling and Education, and referrals (if required)
  • Breast Health: Breast Exams are provided by experienced medical professionals at the clinic location. Mammograms are not avaialbe on-site, but are offered through referrals (if required).  SDUIH does NOT pay for mammogram services.) 
  • Laboratory Screening: Strep, Urinary Track Infection, Diabetes, Thyroid, Colorectal, and Cholesterol screenings to name just a few
  • Bone Density: Testing referrals (if required) SDUIH does NOT pay for bone density services.)
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Family Planning and All Women Count program services
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections: Testing and Counseling
  • HIV Testing:  On-site HIV testing is through a mouth swab or a blood sample. Pre and post counseling is provided and risk-factor questionnaire is asked to help patients know their risk factor. Results of the HIV lab test is approximately 20 minutes.  No cost to Native Americans and/or Family Planning patients.