South Dakota Urban Indian Health

Medication Pick Ups from IHS Pharmacies

SDUIH may pick up patient medications from IHS pharmacies.

Patient Responsibilites

  1. Call their IHS pharmacy requesting their medications to be filled, either by a phone call from their home or by coming to SDUIH to use the clinic phone.
  2. Notify the Community Health Representative at SDUIH that a medication request has been made with an IHS pharmacy and medications need to be picked up.
  3. Ensure that patient has at least a one-week supply of medication on hand; it is not always possible for the Community Health Representative to make the trip due to weather, scheduling, etc.
  4. All IHS policies will be observed by both the patient and SDUIH.
  5. It is the responsibility of the patient or a family member to pick up his/her medication from SDUIH.
  6. This is a service SDUIH provides. It is not a requirement per guidelines.