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South Dakota Urban Indian Health - Receives $11,000 Grant

South Dakota Urban Indian Health - Receives $11,000 Grant

South Dakota Urban Indian Health - Receives $11,000 Grant South Dakota Urban Indian Health - Receives $11,000 Grant

Uncle Bob!

Uncle Bob, also known as Robert “Bob” Santos, is a recognized spokesperson and leader of the movement that began in the 1970s to preserve Seattle’s Chinatown/International District. He is a second generation son of Filipino immigrant Sammy Santos and an “Indipino” (Native American /Filipino). Now an author of the recently published book, “The Gang of Four”, Santos delivered a rousing conference luncheon presentation about the importance of networking, cultivating relationships and coalition building between ethnic groups and races.

Uncle Bob! Uncle Bob!

2012 All Staff Retreat

October 2012 All Staff Retreat at Arrowwood Resort

2012 All Staff Retreat 2012 All Staff Retreat

Aberdeen Health Fair

Text about Aberdeen Health Fair

Aberdeen Health Fair Aberdeen Health Fair

HIV Awareness Day

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HIV Awareness Day HIV Awareness Day

Program Meeting

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Program Meeting Program Meeting

Sioux Falls Spirit Garden

Text About Sioux Falls Spirit Garden

Sioux Falls Spirit Garden Sioux Falls Spirit Garden

Staff Retreat

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Staff Retreat Staff Retreat

Chuck Wagon

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Chuck Wagon Chuck Wagon

Native American Health Services, South Dakota


Who We Are

South Dakota Urban Indian Health - We are an Urban Indian Health Clinic funded through a contract with Indian Health Service (IHS).  We are a non-profit corporation (incorporated October 6, 1977) that operates two full-time Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) clinics in the state of South Dakota (see locations tab

hands.jpgAIM Statement

The AIM of SDUIH is to develop a comprehensive patient-centered healthcare system that provides exceptional care focused on patient/staff satisfaction and services that are curlturally appropriate, mission aligned &:

  • Safe, Reliable, Efficient, & Effective
  • Timely, Coordinated & Integrated
  • Accessible by offering an appointment today
  • Promoting patient self-management
  • A Positive Care Management approach to improve patient health factors in the community
  • Creating a Proactive, Empowered and Solution focused work force.

SDUIH operates two full-time primary health care clinics in the state of South Dakota located in: Pierre and Sioux Falls. Please join us on a tour of our facilities and programs and meet the staff. 


Mission Statement

South Dakota Urban Indian Health's mission is to provide total quality medical care for Native American people and the economically disadvantaged residing in Urban areas of South Dakota. Care provided is not limited to just the medical needs but to provide holistic quality care for the entire family. Physical and mental healthcare are essential for a healthy society.

Patient Centered Medical Home

A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a model of care where patients have a direct relationship with their provider, who coordinates a cooperative team of healthcare professionals, takes collective responsibility for the care provided to the patient and arranges for appropriate care with other qualified providers as needed.  Your care team is your medical provider, nurse, counselor, front-desk staff and YOU.  Your care team knows you and your family to give you the best care possible.




         SDUIH-HR-22 (Clients Bill of Rights and Responsibilities).pdf